Planning & Approval

We like to get onboard as early as possible, allowing us to assist the client in formulating a clear and defined brief with quantifiable objectives. This not only results in accurate costings throughout but ensures the project is delivered to the expected level of quality.

Value Management

We insist on conducting Value Management Workshops with consultants and the main contractor on every project. This provides an opportunity to identify where cost-savings have been made, as well as providing an opportunity for innovation amongst the design team.

Singular Phases or Project Components
We realise a Project Manager may not be engaged early in every case, or sometimes a project can become too large for one time, hence, we also provide a number of services around singular phases or components of larger projects.
Communication & Reporting
Regular reporting and communications keeps our clients informed of key issues and progress and participation in the project is at their discretion. This allows our clients to have as little or as much involvement as they choose.
Strategic Advice & Feasibility

We also offer strategic advice on projects and feasibility consultation on a time charge basis. This includes identifying options, confirming viability, and formulating a plan to ensure a successful project follows.

Procurement Methods
Experience in all types of procurement allows us to provide, identify and select the most appropriate for each project or each individual phase of a larger project. However, our belief in a collaborative approach typically results in a “open book” style of procurement.

What Our Clients Say